Let’s talk…coffee!

Cup&Cake; There is a part of my name that I haven’t mentioned yet. (Well I may have dropped a hint in the coffee cake post) I love coffee! I have worked as a barista at an espresso café/ specialty drink shop since I was sixteen. It was my first job- and I had never had a cup of coffee. Since then, I have experienced a coffee revolution. I might even be a coffee snob (gasp!) 


            My drinks have changed drastically. I started out drinking flavored mochas, more chocolate less coffee, but after awhile I changed to just lattes with sugar, once I was over all the milk I started drinking Americanos with cream and then, in the height of my coffee addiction I was drinking espresso with a scoop of sugar and ice. It was crazy caffeine mania. I would get headaches if I didn’t have a cup. So I decided I had to cut myself off… It was a sad day indeed.

Now living in New York, I’m not working as a barista, therefore no more discounted coffee drinks. My roommate has a Keurig and I love it, convenient, and less expensive than Starbucks. A splash of creamer and stevia packets once in awhile is a great treat for me.

Let me break down some super basics of espresso….

Espresso is freshly ground coffee beans, pressed tightly into a filtered port, which is placed in the espresso machine, and pours a very strong “shot” of coffee, usually about 3 ounces.

Shots go bad fast, they must be consumed, or added to milk or water, or you will get a burnt taste. Yucky!


Milk Should Be steamed to about 150 degrees, 120 if you like your coffee cooler. Steaming wands are found on espresso machines  


Latte = steamed white milk + espresso shot

Variations; add flavor with syrup, use soy, almond, or fat-free milk.

Mocha = steamed Chocolate Milk + espresso shot

Americanos = hot water + espresso shot

(usually with a splash of half&half to cool it down)

Cappuccino = milk steamed into a foam, which is spooned on top a shot of espresso.

(Ordering wet or dry identifies the ratio of steamed milk to foam, Dry is lots of foam, and wet is lots of milk)

Breve=  steamed Half & Half + espresso shot

macchiato = espresso shot + stain of milk (macchiato means “milk first”) 

Dopio = ice cream or whipped cream + espresso shot poured on top

One of my ALL TIME favorite espresso drinks is a “Crème Brulee Dream” which is a latte, with vanilla, crème brulee, and ghardeli white chocolate. Top with whipped cream!

                               We can talk, teas, milkshakes, frapps, frozen,

                                 blended and mixed drinks another time… 🙂 


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