The Cupcake Chronicles – VooDoo Doughnut

While visiting the Portland Area, after months of researching, watching YouTube videos, and craving, Nav and I finally went to VooDoo Donuts. Good things do come in Pink Boxes 🙂 We ordered four donuts, The Dirty Old Bastard (raised donut with chocolate icing, oreo crumbles and peanutbutter drizzle), The Portland Cream (the cities Boston Cream variation), The famous Bacon-Maple Bar, and the VooDoo Doll, filled with raspberry blood filling. 

We first spotted pink boxes at Portland’s Saturday Market, and followed our noses. However it was 95 degrees and the being a weekend the line was wrapped around the corner. It’s a popular spot! Reluctantly, I turned away- making Nav promise to take me back. 

Return we did, a few days later, on a less busy weekday morning. We could smell the doughnuts before we saw them. The shop is all bright colors, Pinks and greens and purples. The crazy donuts are on spinning displays, and it’s hard to choose one, so of course we bought four. And theses babies are not small, they are larger than your average grocery store doughnut! 

If you are in the area, I would tell you that it’s a must see novelty, and to try something outside of your comfort zone 🙂 enjoy!


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