Best of Nyack

Sadly I am saying my goodbyes! I will be moving out of the NYC area in less than a week. But I have a lot to look forward to!
1. Moving back to the most beautiful state- ALAKSA. I want to start writing my All Things Alaska lifestyle book, from hunting, growing, and creating all kinds of fun. Rhubarb Blueberry Cocktails, anyone?
2. Traveling Europe. Starting in June I will be traveling to Germany, the UK, France and finally living in Barcelona, Spain for a month. Bring on the Cava and Tapas! Cannot wait to blog all about the new foods I will try.

It will be sad to say goodbye to the little village of Nyack, New York! Here are some of the most missed places!

1. Casa De Sol. What to order? Table side Guacamole, obviously!

2.  Spice of India. What to order? Chicken Tikka Tandori and a Ginger Drop Martini.

3. Nyack Hot Bagel. What to order? Me: Egg, Cheese and Bacon on an egg bagel. Hope (pictured) Everything bagel with homemade red onion bacon cream cheese. NY style bagels are everything!

4. My heart and soul: The Runcible Spoon. Order everything- the morning buns are pictured! Enjoy


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