Condor Flight DE6067

Notes on the flight

  • Everything is in German
  • Flight attendants are German.
  • English is second language.
  •  I’m impressed by the plane.New nice and clean.
  • Everyone has a touch screen tablet to use for movies, flight tracking or signaling a attendant.
  • I am listening to ABBA, Duh.
  • I am currently over the Beaufort Sea heading towards the literal North Pole.

As I look down I see ice on the frozen ocean, I realize I was expecting to want to kill myself on this 9 hour flight, and maybe I’m speaking too soon. But it’s nice. I’ve never been this far north.

My meal was just delivered. I spot a kit Kat. Meal review. Good because I was getting pretty hungry. I have my shrimp to my German neighbor and made a friend. There was a dulce de leche cheesecake, and of course I would mention the dessert before anything else. There was a very salty beef in gravy with a potatoes side and some cooked veggies, carrots and broccoli. Nothing to special but filling. And salty. There was also some shrimp and veggies but like I said I gave it away because I detest shrimp. Lastly there was some cheese and grapes. Two whole grapes. I wish I got a whole bundle. The cheese was good. Didn’t eat the blu cheese because it smelled weird. The service was quick and efficient. Now traveling over Canada. It’s an amazing view, especially since it’s summer solstice and the sun is shining so bright.

Currently flying over Greenland.

Greenland= glaciarz for dayZ. Grand Canyon of glaciarz

Absolutely gorgeous and icy.

Currently flying over Iceland. This is the farthest east I’ve ever been. I am craving a lemonade. The sun is shining, but there is a thick cloud cover over the ocean.

I can’t wait to get off this plane and have strudel, schnitzel and a big cold German beer! Just saw a volcano island north of Iceland! 3:09 to go! Will I sleep? The drama continues on this long haul flight to Europe. We are about 2 hours from landing and I just figured out I can make a sweet play mix on the radio station, so I made a mix of one direction and other British pop music to bring me in. The verdict is, I’m not sleeping. Can’t wait to eat… as usual!

Just as I was getting bored, I was served breakfast and it was awesome. Croissant, sourdough roll, butter jam and fresh fruit. Can’t elope strawberry and pineapple. There was also a bunch of grapes. Dreams do come true! Additionally there was roast beef slices, cherry tomatoes and a single walnut. Yum. Now 1.5 hours to go

 I just spotted Europe. Norway to my left. I feel like Christopher Columbus but much better fed.


4 thoughts on “Condor Flight DE6067

  1. Nice to see that you liked flying with Condor. I’m kind of suprised that you even liked the food, nobody really does 😀

    Enjoy your time over in Europe. Much room for amazing experiences over here 🙂


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