Thanksgiving Time

Like any other foodie, I am planning my thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, pretty easily. I do love Christmas, I grew up in North Pole, Alaska, and would be considered a traitor for not loving Christmas in a town where we are decorated for the holiday year round, and our light poles are shaped and painted like candy canes. we even have the world’s largest statue of Santa Claus, but that is another story for another blog post.

Anyways…back to the important issue at hand- thanksgiving dinner.

Despite what you may think, living in Alaska is not different at all to living in any other part of the United States. Well at least where I live, there are some very remote areas, but I live in a urban(ish) area of about 100,000 people. We’ve got a Wal-Mart.
My mother and I are collaborating on the meal for this year, because mom’s are the best. She makes the best darn rolls. Can’t wait to share the photos and recipes I’m planning on whipping up.

thanks for reading,




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