Honeymoon Planning

For our upcoming nuptials, Nav and I will be doing a honeyfund registry. Instead of the traditional registry of home goods, we want to use the funds for travel! Honeyfund is a really cool website that you can breakdown parts of your trip into categories, for any guests budget. For instance, someone can buy us drinks, and someone can chip into our flights. It’s pretty neat, and I would definitely recommend it to any honeymooners.Sydney8


But now the problem is deciding where we want to go, or more to the point, narrowing the list down to just two weeks (including flight time from Alaska). Our wedding is in June, but I think we will go for a Fall honeymoon, so we can beat the crowds and have lower prices, and perhaps a more authentic experience without lots of tourists.


Ireland is #1 on our list, and we will spend a week there doubt about it. But our second week? I was thinking Italy, or Greece.


Or maybe the UK, and take the train from London to Scotland? Then again, I have a minor obsession with Paris and would love to return.


When it comes down to it, all of the options for our honeymoon will be amazing, and we are lucky to be able to go on a trip together as newlyweds.

Any recommendations for us?



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