Wanderlust Wednesday – India

This is the first ever installment of Wanderlust Wednesday, which will be little snapshots of places that are on my bucket list to travel, experience an see!


I never really thought about traveling to India. As a child, Hawaii, and Greece captured my frozen Alaskan imagination, and gave me dreams of beauty and the beach.


The first time I can remember being interested in traveling to India was when I read Eat, Pray, Love, (while on the beach in Maui) and wanting to experience the culture of an old civilization such as India’s.


Later in college, I started my first job as a waitress in New York at a fabulous little India restaurant. Working here opened my eyes to the cuisine of India, and all of the amazing flavors the food includes.


Lastly, a handful of my friends have visited or been on mission’s trips, and seeing their pictures can make you sit back in awe, just by looking at the photographs.

Can’t wait to go! Have you visited? Leave any tips you have for me in the comments 🙂



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