Material Items vs. Traveling

Weddings can be so material. I’m getting caught up in it. Seriously, I could elope to Italy, or Thailand, and still give more than half of my wedding budget to a charity. Why doesn’t everyone do that?

Now, since my finance is not supporting my elopement dream, which I totally understand, I find myself planning a wedding, and everything that goes along with it. Bridal Showers, Parties, Wedding Favors, Registries.

The thing is, yes I own three knives, and would love a set. Yes my fiancé would like some new tools, or we could use a new set of sheets and stemware.

In the long run, I know traveling will be a more rewarding experience for us, than gaining a kitchen aid. I know the memories we will make together on our honeymoon will last us longer than some of the material gifts. And the memories worth, is greater than money can buy.

I want to put our wedding gifts to good use, that is why we signed up for a honeyfund account. With our gifts we can go pub hopping, castle touring, kayak renting- much more rewarding than a crystal set of candle holders!

In my opinion, nothing you can buy at Macy’s can add up to the joy of experiencing travel, people and culture.

I can’t wait until our next trip!


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