Put the Phone Down

What’s the balance between taking photos, and enjoying living in the moment?

While traveling, anywhere from NYC, to Heidelberg, it seems everyone is taking photo and more photos. The concern is to take photos of the trip, rather than experience it. I too, am guilty of trying to take that perfect photo to post on my Instagram, but you have to ask yourself if you are really making memories that will last a lifetime by snapping away, or are you better off taking a step back, and soak it all in?

The first time I visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris, there was not one person sitting back and enjoying the view, the gorgeous day, or the people around them. Everyone had their cameras out. For a spot of fun, I worked on my languages and asked people if I could take the photo for them.  I even met a gaggle of American girls who were SO happy I could snap a photo of them.

For me, travel isn’t about showing off how cool or hip, or even wealthy I am (because I’m not). But traveling is about you enjoying your experience, not other people’s likes.

I’m going to resolve to put my camera down more often, and talk to a local.

I’m going to stop worrying about my next wi-fi connection, and enjoy being lost somewhere new.

I’m going to take photos of meaningful things, not worrying if others will like it or not, because I do.


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