Bike and Hike

Yesterday’s Adventure: Biking and Hiking Angel Rocks

We decided to go for a bike ride and a hike on a Thursday after work. Usually this kind of trip is for the weekend- but it was supposed to snow this upcoming weekend, and it was a gorgeous day- so we went for it!

We drove from our house in North Pole, 45 miles down Chena Hot Springs Road and parked at a small ice fishing pond. From there we unloaded our bikes, and geared up.

Ice Fishing Pond starting point mile 45 CHSR
Ice Fishing Pond starting point mile 45 CHSR

The bike ride was only about 4 miles away from the trail head. And I managed to crash my bike… I tried to slow down too fast to take a picture, and toppled over my handlebars. I took one for the team.

Trail Head SignThis is the picture, I hope it is worth it!

Probably not.

Regardless, the hike was absolutely gorgeous, on a beautiful 49 degree evening.

Theeasy part of the hike
The easy part of the hike


There was a momma moose and her baby's tracks along the trail.
There was a momma moose and her baby’s tracks along the trail.

The first summitIMG_1574IMG_1588IMG_1582


We made it up and down the trail in under an hour. Nav suggested we bring sleds next time to ride down since it was so slick with ice. we were sprinting the entire descent! And I didn’t crash on the bike ride back. So I would say the trip was a success!

You can read more about Angel Rocks on the Alaska Department of Natural Resources website:

Happy Hiking!


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