How to Pack for a Trip to Europe

Good morning from Alaska! As promised from my instagram post yesterday, I am going do to a write up about how to pack for a long trip.

Let’s face it- you want to look amazing when you travel, because you’re going to post photos of you vacations, and you’ll have those memories for the rest of your life. Packing is important!

Let me say this first, it doesn’t matter what your style is- bring clothes you like, and feel not only comfortable, but fabulous in!

The key is versatility! Bring items that you can mix and match over and over again, and won’t get too old.

I decided to go with a classic black and white color scheme, so I could literally pair every top with every bottom with every pair of shoes.



My packing list included:

  • 2 pairs of pants – 1 white, 1 black pair
  • 2 striped t-shirts
  • 1 long sleeve shirt (black)
  • 1 tank top (black)
  • 2 bras, 1 nude, 1 black
  • 1 “fancy” shirt (a sequin top), 1 white blouse
  • 2 dresses, 1 printed, 1 striped
  • 1 black skirt
  • 1 trench coat , 1 black leather jacket
  • 3 scarves
  • 1 pair of black sandals, 1 pair of black booties, 1 pair of wedges

I lived in the black sandals, never wore the booties, and wore the wedges about 10 times.

WEDGES > HEELS much easier to walk in ladies!

Let me tell you, scarves are a great accessory, and really dress up an outfit, as well as provide a cover up if you get chilly inside a building.

IMG_1739Some other things you need to think about bringing along:

  • Laptop + charger + converter
  • Phone + charger + converter
  • Cases for Electronics
  • Passport
  • Travel Documents
  • Books, Journal, Language Books



I also packed a small bag of toiletries, I like to wear make-up but I only brought my essentials:

  • light coverage foundation
  • mascara
  • tweezers
  • blush
  • nude eye color pallet (I love the LORAC travel pallet, it has blush and bronzer included)
  • coconut oil
  • brushes

Remember to pack things that you would wear at home, because you really won’t wear the stilettos everyday, and they take up a lot of room in your bag.

I recommend laying out all your outfit options, so you can see how versatile the pieces you choose to pack are.

Pick a style or scheme , like black and white to make it easier.

Lastly, when you’re in Europe, or traveling anywhere, if you like to shop, pack light!!

I didn’t much, but I ended up leaving some old stuff behind so I could bring my new clothes home with me.


So pack up and enjoy the adventure you are about to embark on! if you have any questions about my experience packing let me know in the comments!

You’re going to look great!


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