Road Trippin’

Hello Readers,

I am so glad you came to see the blog today. I’m really enjoying working on it! I’m such a model…

Here are some photos from last weekend at Birch Lake!

It’s about an hour away from our home, and we often go in the summer to water ski.



Mommy + Puppy Selfies on the way there.  


My dad generously allowed us to use his fancy-dango camera. It has a huge lense “for taking pictures of hockey” and I plan on putting it to use.

The wind ruined my hair so I improvised. Nice.


Ellie didn’t want to leave so Nav had to scoop her up!

I have some MORE special photos to post soon!

Nav and I are making a long weekend of it, and road tripping to Anchorage tonight! The drive is about 5.5 hours, and we will get to chase the sunset the whole way there!

Bonus: We will be driving through Denali National Park! Score!

Speaking of scoring, Nav has a hockey tournament this weekend, so I’ll share some snaps of his games.

More soon!


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