Girls Night 

Looking for a fun night out in Alaskas biggest, and really only, city? 

Anchorage is located in South-central Alaska, and I’ve posted about the drive Navarone and I did this past spring, but I never posted about the trip I did with my BFF Samantha in the fall. 

 It really is such a gorgeous drive…

Samantha and I planned to go wedding dress shopping, even though I wasn’t engaged (yet). It’s really funny to look back on now, because I’m now married and she is engaged. She was the best maid of honor, I hope I can repay the favor in March at her wedding! 

We stayed with our friend Hannah, who finished going to cosmetology school this past winter. She took us to Sullivan’s, for “knock-outs” a fruity pineapple martini that lives up to it name.  

After we were knocked out and fed a proper meal, we headed over to McGinley’s Pub for whisky. 

I also remember I bought this gorgeous Michael Kors dress on this trip at Nordstroms- love it so much! 

Being silly with your girlfriends is the one of life’s simple pleasures. 


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