Las Vegas

I’m going though some old photos, and I found some from my trip in Ocotober to Las Vegas.

My grandparents live there year round, and it happens to be a great meeting place between Alaska, where I live, and New York where my sister lives.

After visiting my whole life to see my family, this was my first time to vegas where I was legal, so I could actually gamble and drink and partake in typical sin city activities.

My sister and I went to the cosmopolitan and played slots in their beautiful lobby.

Next we went to the Sugar Factory, famous for their huge, six-shot, fishbowl drinks. We ended up ordering some food as well because no one should drink a fishbowl on an empty stomach.


Kelsy had the candied “Lolipop Passion” and I went with “White Gummi”. Mine was so good, I wanted to order extra gummy worms.

After our drinks, we walked up the strip, took a few photos and headed home.

Pretty Mild night in Las Vegas- maragritas with my grandma the next day were just as wild.


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