Our Honeymoon – Part 1, Canada

Nav and I have been back in Alaska for a week- enough time to get back in the groove of regular life, me to catch a cold, and to enjoy Alaska’s 4-day fall. Yes, the leaves go from green to dead and on the ground in four glorious days. More on that later.

I wanted to share with you the first part of our honeymoon! We visited four countries on our honeymoon- and the first was actually a long layover. Thanks to a milage ticket (Thanks Mark & Mary!) we had a twelve hour layover in Calgary.


Originally, I had pinned some pretty sweet touristy things we could do from 10 a.m . to 10 p.m. – but after a red eye from Fairbanks to Seattle, we settled on a cheap, but not disgusting hotel room near the airport. I would have to say, our hotel shuttle driver was the highlight of Canada, he was utterly charming, and educated us on the corruption of Canadian Politics- however the Mayor of Calgary is the man.

After a three hour nap, somehow Nav and I pulled ourselves out of a coma, and google-maped directions to a mall. We ate Arby’s and had a blizzard from DQ. Big deal for us. Seriously.

Upon arrival at the airport we learned that we were supposed to re-check our bags – we thought they were checked in all the way to our final desitnation. We were wrong.

And the icing on top of the cake, is one of our bags was lost. The important bag, with all of our clothes, make-up, bathing suits, and all our socks.

The start to our honeymoon wasn’t what we expected, but the good news is we made it to our first destination, Paris, on time. Traveling isn’t always 100% glitz and glam, and there are hiccups along the way, but I still consider us very lucky to be able see the world no matter if we have socks or not.




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