Honeymoon in Paris

The fashion capital of the world… Not the best place to honeymoon when your bag is been lost.

I had planned and planned outfits for our honeymoon and packed meticulously, especially for Paris.

Most people know that shorts, are not kosher, and as luck would have it, my only clean option was shorts.

And it was cold! Bummer.

Nav and I had a really wonderful time despite the fact we didn’t have the right, or clean, clothes.

Our first evening in, we checked into our AirBnB… The cutest little apartment near Place de Cilchy.


I loved the floors, and the hot pink bedroom.

After we had cleaned up and checked in, it was time for our first French meal.

Steak and Fries with Rosé sounded about right.

Topped off with flaming creme brûlée, it was an excellent first meal, at a very reasonable price.

Exhausted and full, we went to bed early, only to wake up a fewhours later at 4 am.

Since we were up, and jet lag had won, we decided to try and catch the sunrise- and what better place than Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre? Situated at the top of the city, it seemed to be the place.


After the sun came up, revealing a very grey day, we checked out our Velib bikes, the city sharing bike system, and cruised down the hill towards the Seine…

At one point Nav hit a huge bump and our camera went flying out of his bike’s basket, and somehow Nav managed to snatch it out of the air while flying down the street. What a relief!

Once we arrived to the river, we passed the Notre Dame, and headed west towards the Louvre and Musé de Orsay. Since it was a Monday they were not open.

However a bakery nearby was!

Breakfast was light but delicious, as we figured we would have a large meal later.

We rode our bikes all the way down the river, and saw the Eiffel Tower

Next on our to do list was buy some clothes as we both had only one outfit. Shops opened at 10 so we killed some time walking around the city.

Once we finally got our new duds, we are exhausted. Nav and I returned to our apartment and took a 5 hour nap, effectively sleeping away most of our only full day in Paris.

We had no regrets.

Once we managed to wake up, we were ravenous! Back on our bikes, we rode down to Galaries Lafayette, a gorgeous department store near the Opera.

I made a Chloe wish list, and we bought some Pierre Hermé goodies to take home.

We strolled through the city at golden hour, headed towards Le Marais for dinner.


Food in France is always good, isn’t it?

We passed on dessert, because I had some macaroons for later…

We spent the evening enjoying champagne and Nav was getting ready for London the next day by reading Shakespeare and wearing British flag socks.


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