Paris to London

When I was planning our honeymoon, I did not expect us to get so much in on the morning we were scheduled to leave Paris. Much like the day before, jet lag got the best of us, and we were awake by 5 a.m

Our Eurostar train was departing at 11:30 and I calculated we could go exploring until 10:00 and then head to the train station. Attention: DO NOT make this mistake, give yourself more time! See more on that later.


Our first stop of the morning was the Louvre, followed by the Notre Dame. On my first visit to Paris, the line was so long, I didn’t consider getting in line. This time, it was almost 8 a.m. and there was a service taking place. No line, and free admission. I was so stoked! The building is incredible from the outside, but is breathtaking on the inside.


Nav and I walked around quietly… and my phone starts blaring Blake Shelton’s “Honey Bee”. I had set a precautionary alarm just in case we over slept, and forgot about it. I was mortified, sorry everyone, my phone went off in church.


I did feel better when a church employee told Nav to take his baseball cap off, and I realized we were those terrible American tourist that give all of us a bad name. See my previous article on how to beat this stereotype.

The French are Mean? I don’t think so!


After we exited and made some flying buttress jokes, we found a quintessential Parisian café for breakfast. I am proud to say I ordered in French! However we realized I must have messed up when we were served only on croissant instead of two… A for Effort, and A+ for the croissant we shared.


I decided since we didn’t spend much time at the Eiffel Tower the day before I would like to walk down to see it again before we left. That walk took a little longer, as we stopped to explore and admire on the way there.

DSC00468 IMG_6506DSC00500DSC00451DSC00531DSC00485

We raced back to our AirBnB, and took a cab to Gare du Nord to catch the Eurostar. Customs took MUCH longer than anticipated, and we missed our train. Good news, there was another one the next hour, which we could take no problem.


The downside was we wouldn’t get into London until and hour later. This was the first of many incidents that would set back our travels, but it all ended up working in the end.


We arrived to London ready to explore!

Bye Paris- we loved you!



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