London Town

If you read my previous post, Paris to London you’ll know we missed our Eurostar train. Luckily were had no problem getting on the next train. The only drawback was we missed out on an extra hour in London.
 Nav and I stayed at The Bentley London, not far from the Earl’s Court station, close to Kensington Gardens and Palace.

  After check in, Nav and I took the tube to Westminster, and came out of the station with a great view of Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

Across the Bridge, we purchased ridiculously expensive tickets for the hop on, hop off bus, and proceeded to hop around London. After seeing all the sights we headed back to the hotel to rest before dinner. On our way we stopped at Harrods’s to check out the legendary department store, and food court. Nav got an Indian Tikka Wrap, and I got a brownie. Nothing to write home about. I would say the Galleries Lafayette was much more impressive. (Point Paris!)

Dinner reservations were at Bob Bob Ricard, the much instagrammed restaurant in So-Ho. We headed back to the tube, and walked through Piccadilly Circus en route to dinner.

  Nav and I were severely underdressed; keep in mind we still did not have our luggage. This was supposed to be our fancy “Honeymoon Splurge Dinner” – and it was a splurge- so it was disappointing not to have the outfits I bought specifically for this evening.
    The service was excellent, and the food almost as impressive. Dessert was the highlight of the evening, and the reason I wanted to visit the establishment in the first place.
   Of course I got the Chocolate Royale, but I think Nav’s Eton Mess was the best thing we ate on the honeymoon. The bill was outrageous. I guess if you will splurge on $40 a glass dessert wine, this would be the time. No regrets.

Full and sleepy, we took the tube back, and strolled along the pretty buildings in our neighborhood.

The next morning, I realized we had not ever been checked our bus tickets, so we still had 24 hours to hop on and off.

Our original plan was to pick up our rental car at 8 am and head to the country side, but since there was so much we didn’t fit in the previous day, we delayed our schedule (again).

Instead we strolled through Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, and had what Nav calls the best French toast he’s ever had  for breakfast near Lancaster Gate.


After breakfast, we took the bus again, and I’m so glad we did. We were able to see a lot more on different routes, and I almost felt we got our money’s worth for those pricey tickets. Plus we had gorgeous weather and lots of sunshine.


   We picked up our rental car, and headed to the hotel to check out. Mind you, the drive was… an experience. Nav was driving an manual mini car, on the opposite side of the road, plus he was using his left hand to shift, instead of his right, like we do in the US. We might have rubbed up against something while driving in London.
We hit the road, saying good-bye to London; our next stop was Hampton Court Palace.


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