Hampton Court Palace

Almost a year ago, Nav and I were watching Netflix, “Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace” (I know- nerds!) and we both knew we wanted to visit Hampton Court Palace someday.

Since we were already thinking of Ireland for our upcoming honeymoon, planning a trip just outside of London didn’t seen too big of a detour. Especially since we were traveling from Alaska!

We added in a drive through the English countryside to our itinerary, planning to take the ferry over to Dublin from Holyhead.

Nav and I had spent the morning touring London, and by noon, we were headed out to Surrey. It was a nice easy drive, filled with roundabouts and suburbs. When we arrived, we found parking just past the entrance, across the bridge. It was 6GBP for the day, so heads up- bring some change.


I had my priorities straight, and ordered some whip a.k.a. soft serve with the consistency of frozen whipped cream.

Meanwhile Nav was loving every second of the castle itself. He REALLY wants to build his own castle someday. We were able to walk right up to the front doors, since I had ordered my tickets in advance here.

We checked out two self-guiding devices that gave us background information along with the section of the palace we were in.

Also pretty neat, there were costumes you could wear, and we saw lots of people walking around with capes.


The main court yard had some wooden replicas of what visitors did when King Henry was in residence. Essentially it was one big party out front.

  This whip is important!

  Mr. Camera Man
  The Royal Throne Room
My favorite room was either the portrait gallery, or the “weapons” room, which is the same now, as it was when King Henry lived there. There are guns, knives, and all kinds of intimidating items decorating the walls; the first thing visitors see when going to meet with the King. Talk about carrying a big stick.

I loved all the details of the building. The ornate railings, the pretty marble floor patterns, the large murals, and delicate chandeliers.

 The gardens were equally impressive, I wish we had spent a little more time walking through them.


I think Nav liked the banquet hall the most, and I almost convinced him to wait in line behind and handful of little kids to sit in the king’s chair at the head of the hall. Almost.

After we departed, it started to rain heavily as we made our way towards Bath. Bath was probably one of my favorite places we visited, and I’ll share it soon!


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