Bath- we love you so much!

We were finally hitting our stride, overcoming jet lag, and had replaced the clothing that was lost with our bags.

We were out of the city, and heading into the amazing countryside. We took the motorway most of the way towards Bristol, but exited towards the old roman town of Bath.

We headed down rolling green hills, getting glimpses of the valley below between the trees. Even in the rain, it was a cozy and romantic drive.

  We stayed at Henrietta House, a B&B right in the heart of the town. Our host was amazing, and showed us our room, and carefully instructed us about all we needed to know about the accommodations, near-by eats, and must-sees in Bath.
  After getting settled into our adorable room, we set off for a walk and to find dinner. We ended up walking for longer than imagined, and found “The Crystal Palace” for dinner. It was a cute and cozy pub like restaurant, with pictures all over the walls, plush seating, and rustic décor. Actually it probably was technically a pub- but the important thing is here, the food was great, and the cider even better.IMG_6728 I think part of the reason we loved Bath so much, is we felt so at ease, finally in sync with the new time zone and travel. Also, probably the pints of Thatchers we consumed. Has anyone tried this stuff? It’s amazing. So a bit tipsy, we enjoyed our food and laughed and laughed the whole walk home. IMG_6727 IMG_6730 Sorry for the blurry photo, I blame the cider.

After sleeping very well, we woke up early to see the rest of what the town had to offer. I really loved waking up early everyday, because it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. Looking back I probably would have skipped London and spent another night in Bath. It was just a magical city.
A peak into the roman baths.

  Bath Abbey

Nav swears I’ve showed him these stairs on Pinterest.
 IMG_6760 After exploring, we came back to Henrietta House, and waited on the terrace until Breakfast was served. The meal was worth waiting for, it was the best breakfast we could have dreamed up. All the food was locally sourced and mostly organic. The homemade carrot cake was especially delicious. Nav enjoyed a smoked salmon omelets and for me, eggs benedict. Our host was not exaggerating when he said it was all you can eat..
  Henrietta Street  We rented our car from Europcar and we really liked working with them. We had to return the car to the Port at Holyhead, a long days drive away, so we departed right after breakfast. The whole journey north was so gorgeous, we were lucky to have a sunny day.


3 thoughts on “Bath 

  1. I am so please to hear you loved Bath. I live just 10 miles away and it is still one of my favourite places to visit. You will have only touched on it in a couple of days so you can come back and see more of it. In fact, let me know and I will give you some travel tips!


    1. I definitely will… My husband and I would love to do an extended stay in the area- we loved thatchers! Same goes for you as well if you ever visit Alaska! Cheers!


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