Penrhyn Castle

On the road towards Holyhead from Bath, we were treated to sunny weather, and rolling green countryside. Wales is home to many castles, some you can see from the road. Near Bangor we decided to exit for Penrhyn Castle.
  We only had maybe 30 minutes to spare, since we had to return our car and catch our ferry to Dublin. But it was enough time to make some sandwiches, and try ouT the UK flavor of Lays; bacon (I hated them, but Nav ate my share) After eating we explored the castle grounds.  The castle is atop a hill overlooking the bay below, with tons of acreage and gardens.

  Inside is a neat, but seemingly out of place train museum. You can also tour the castles many rooms, if you have the time.
  I wish we had more time to visit the many castles in the region. To learn more about Penrhyn castle, visit the National Trust Website.


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