The destination of Navarone’s dream honeymoon. I’m glad that the Emerald Isle was our choice. It was so perfect for our interests and lifestyle, also known as, castles, booze, and outdoors. My in-laws gifted us our tickets from Alaska to London for our wedding. Then, we included the day in Paris because I adore the city, but Ireland was the focal point of our trip. We were lucky to travel through the UK’s countryside, to see more of the world, including the Roman town of Bath, and some castles on the road. But finally in this post, we reach Ireland, by ferry.


I booked with Irish Ferries, and we set out from Holyhead to Dublin across the Irish Sea.   Honestly, I thought this could be really fun- but ultimately I was just really sea sick the whole voyage- and when we reached land, I couldn’t wait to get off the ship.

For our days in Dublin, we stayed at The Marke Hotel, but more on that later.

The next morning we set off to explore the city on foot. Dublin has a bike sharing system just like the Velibs we rented in Paris, and next time we visit I will be booking them. (Our hotel came with bikes, I guess we just forgot that perk when we set out.) Our hotel was kind enough to provide us with a city map, and we picked out the landmarks we wanted to visit. Top of the list; Trinity College, Guinness Storehouse and Dublin Castle.

I love this photo, (my finger also made this selfie) Can you see the rainbow?

Thanks to the internet we found the Best Scones in Dublin for breakfast right by Trinity College, Keoghs Café. I had the fresh raspberries, and a vanilla pear scone. Plus the Irish butter, and that jam! Yum! Nav of course, like every day on our trip, had a full Irish.  We were able to see everything on our list and more. We walked over 20 miles around the city, all the way to the storehouse, to Grafton street, then towards the Georgian district.
  Trinity College Dublin Castle
  Nav and I both agreed that Dublin felt much smaller than it was, and could invision ourselves living there. I loved picking out the doors and houses we might live in. I love the blue doors the most!

Dublin castle was great, I loved the glitzy interior décor, Nav liked the 15 feet thick tower walls.

We also visited the Chester Beatty Library, right behind Dublin Castle. The library is really amazing, we were able to looks at ancient texts. The most special text I saw was the oldest existing chapter of Corinthians 13, also known as the “Love Chapter” from the Bible. I might’ve snuck an illegal photo of that one. Plus, atop the Library you can overlook the castle and grounds for a great photo-op!

  So freaking special! I felt like walking through the Library was a better version of a course I took in college on World Religion. Travel is so rewarding, eye-opening and, I felt so lucky to be able to visit this place.

  My favorite blue door of the day; The Greek Embassy  We kept walking into the afternoon, stopping for a meal at a local café.



We walked through the park, and shopped for swimsuits and souvenirs, and then returned to our hotel to rest and visit the spa, before our “big night out”.

This day was also the four year anniversary of Nav and I being a couple, so we had planned a nice evening. I’ll share about it soon!

I wanted to thank Emily of From China Village and the author of “Delightful Dublin” for the guide we used to plan our trip. Anyone visiting Ireland should check out her blog, it’s lovely.


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