The Marker Hotel, Dublin

 While planning our trip, I was able to balance out the accommodations budget between our inexpensive home rentals, and splurge stays, such as the two nights we spent at the Marker Hotel. I liked being able to have a few fancy nights in such a gorgeous hotel in Dublin, before heading out into the countryside.
  Our room overlooked a little park below. Nav spotted a Palm Tree and Sand in the park. He laughed and told me we could fool everyone where we actually were since most people never would expect a sandy, palm-tree picture in Dublin.
  The Marker Hotel is in the docklands, and is hard to miss with it’s check board exterior (which I didn’t photograph because I’m silly, and not a real blogger). There are also many road signs leading you to the hotel, which is helpful when you’re returning on foot.   Possibly the best feature at the hotel was the spa, only rivaled by the rooftop bar. How amazing is this pool?
  Perfect for soaking after a long day exploring the city on foot.  IMG_6996
    After we used the spa, we took a nice long nap- anticipating a long night out on the town. Our plan was to begin at the hotel’s rooftop bar, and make our way through the pubs as the night went on.
  We waited in the lobby after we put our names on the waitlist to go up the elevator to the Bar. It was an especially glorious sunny evening, so the line was longer than normal. Luckily as hotel guest, we got somewhat of an edge in.   As we waited we perused the cocktail menu, and the cider list for Navarone. He went for a Kopparberg, and I had a pear cocktail. Both were delicious. Then it was time to head up!
Just look at this view, and what perfect weather!We waited a little longer to get a table, and then snatched a table right next to the edge for the best view.     See those two ladies behind Nav? I was plotting for their seat! Little did I know, so did another pair. The woman said “I traveled all the way from Scotland for this view”, which made Nav and I smile at each other, since we traveled from Alaska. But we allowed them the table first, and collected their seats after they left. We were in no rush. It was a the perfect weather to sit, relax, and enjoy the drinks and company. Not to mention that view!
  Reflection glasses = Prime photo op
Behind me are the Scottish ladies.   
 And finally, we made it! It only took maybe 25 minutes total. And that is a blanket covering my legs, not a fashion statement. But hey I heard Mustard yellow is really in right now.
  My next drink was a vanilla orange concoction, sweet and smooth. Nav had another Kopparberg of course. The man knows what he likes and sticks to it, but sometimes he is a really adventurous eater and surprises me.
We ordered garlic/truffle fries, and these little meat skewers. Not much food, but we planned on going out later to eat more.   
We had a great time on the rooftop to celebrate four years together. The Marker Hotel was truly gorgeous, and I think the price is really worth it for the experience. It’s tough to say which I preferred more, the spa or the bar! If you’re traveling to Dublin we highly recommend staying here!


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