Honeymoon Cottage

I spent 5 months scouring homeaway.com for the perfect Irish cottage to rent for our time in Ireland. It had to be perfect, close to attractions, afforable, cottage feel, and have a fireplace.   

 I found this adorable cottage in Kinsale, a big foodie town, rich in history a short drive from Cork Airport. 


Located atop Scilly Hill, near the famous the Spainaird pub and Man Friday’s. It was a quick walk downhill to the village.




Mark, the owner, lives next door. But he left us in privacy after giving us a walk through. We had a great experience with him. Mark was especially kind to leave us a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. 
The cottage has a well equipt kitchen, and the main room is divided up between the sleeping and living area. 

Behind the bedroom section is a great bathroom, complete with a tub. I love the country chic decor, especially the blue color palate throughout the whole cottage. 

Outside was a courtyard and seating, and a short walk down the backside of the hill was the Scilly walk, which would talks you all the way to Charles Fort. 

You can find the home and rent it at Home Away     

It’s perfect for two people, and great for longer stays, with the washing machine and pleanty of good books to keep you busy. We loved our stay and can’t wait to return soon!   



5 thoughts on “Honeymoon Cottage

  1. What a great honeymoon destination. My family was from County Cork, my mother from Kinsale. When she left many years ago it was a tired backwater with no jobs. Over the years it has developed into the lively place you see today – it is a real transformation. I hope your marriage is as happy as your honeymoon.


  2. Great Blog about a wonderful place to stay. I like the pictures of the locals, especially the local undercover policeman wearing all black…and yellow socks. I like having so many pictures with captions. It makes it easier to identify with the location.


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