“How to Dress like an Alaskan”

I saw yet another post this morning titled “How to Be Parisian”. You know the article, wear lots of black, and stripes, not too much make-up, maybe a bold red lip? Definitely no shorts, oui oui! Don’t forget the classic black flats, oh la la blah blah blah…

Don’t get me wrong, French woman are famously stylish for a reason, I’m just a little sick of the same basic summarization of it all. Plus, wear what you like, confidence is key.


Thus I am writing this “How to Dress like an Alaskan” article, for a real look how women in Alaska dress. (generalized)

sorel boots

Essential to the wardrobe of a frontiers woman, is a good pair of boots. I own a pair of Sorel’s and love them. In Alaska you have to be able to keep your toes warm at -40 degrees, and these are about the cutest you can get. (In my opinion) Uggs won’t cut it here, Sorry white girls across the globe.

A coat you love is important, because it’s so cold you won’t ever take it off. You’ll wear it everyday. It will  become a part of your identity.

northface jacket pategonia

The next step in being Alaska is to add lots of layers. Layers are crucial to cover that 5lbs you gain around the  holidays, and to keep warm. Plus layers are stylish!

An Alaska woman is never overdressed. She asks herself, “Am I totally overdressed?” If she is wearing jeans, and nice blouse and a bra, the answer is probably yes. This trifecta is a rare occurrence.

carhart hat

The last accessory every Alaska needs is a good hat or headband. I often see the knitted flower headbands, bit I think a nice Carhart beanie will keep you warmer.

Being Warm> Looking Cute = Alaska Style.

As for hair and make-up forget about it. You can just skip those steps. If you do commit the time and effort to styling your hair and applying make-up, you’re a total babe, and can pretty much move to California now.


Now you’re set to “go out on the town” in Alaska. Hit up your local brewery, catch a hockey game, or go bowling. Those are pretty much your options, and your outfit is perfect for wherever you go.



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