Blarney and Kilkenny Day Trip

I’m almost done sharing all about our honeymoon. I am dragging my feet with these last few posts, I don’t want our honeymoon to end. (We’ve been back for almost two months). You know what I mean.

I love posting about our trips, because it’s a little archive of memories we can look back on years from now.

Our first day in Kinsale, we explored on foot, read some of our books,enjoyed dinner in a local pub and got decently ripped on Bulmer’s Cider. It was a nice and relaxing day to kick back and bask in doing nothing.

The next morning we planned on visiting two nearby towns. Keep in mind the nearest city to Fairbanks is Anchorage, and that’s 6 hours away, so nearby for an Alaskan is probably not what other people might expect.

We took the bus to Cork airport, and picked up our little rental car. We rented from Enterprise, who we usually rent from in the U.S.- and they upgraded us to an automatic from a manual. (Manuals are much cheaper to rent.) Our tip would be to ask for an upgrade to automatic, and get it for the same low manual price.

First we headed to Blarney, not far at all from Cork City. Blarney is NOT apart of the Office of Public Works, so we couldn’t use our OPW cards we purchased at Dublin Castle. The price, if I am recalling correctly was $35 Euros for the both of us. This included access to the Castle, and the huge grounds. However Blarney House was $5 for a tour, just as a heads up.

We headed along a cricking brook, across the bridge, and towards the Castle. We noticed the trees along the path had knitted cozys on them to keep them warm, they were pretty cute.
The castle itself is a ruin. But well maintained enough you can climb to the top and kiss the famous Blarney Stone.

But to get there, it’s better than you aren’t clausterphobic nor scared of heights. The winding spiral staircases that will take you up through the castle are narrow, dark and for me, really frightening. The railing is actually a rope tied to the circular wall.  I managed to suck it up and make it to the very top, legs shaking.


  Nav on the other hand, was loving it, and thought it was the coolest thing ever. He had no issue laying down over a four story drop to kiss the stone. I was happy to document from a safer location.

We took another set of stairs, and I was thankful the railing was steel, and the steps wider.

We took a look under the Castle, and then explored the grounds, enjoying the sunshine and pretty gardens.


After we departed through the gift shop, we hopped back into our mini car, and drove towards Kilkenny. I should have mentioned this at the car rental paragraph above, but a GPS is ESSENTIAL in Ireland. he roads are crazy, they cut through towns, and are not easy to self guide.

On the way to Kilkenny, we stopped for lunch and a castle hunt. Cahir castle was on our way, and with our OPW cards we were able to head straight in.

This was one of Navs favorite castles of the trip, and I can see why. It was built between the merge of two rivers on an island, and had all the medieval bells and whistles.

We reached Kilkenny, and found a parking space near the Castle. It was heritage week in Ireland, so there were a lot of activities going on on the front yard and around the castle, and all OPW sites.

 With our OPW cards we were able to enter for without paying admission, but photographs were not allowed in the castle. Sorry guys! The castle was really neat inside, they have refurbished the interior to look like what it would have looked like in the Victorian Era, of a rich families country home. I especially liked the banquet hall, and all of the portraits hanging it it.

Afterwards, we strolled the adorable streets of Kilkenny, stopping for a mid-day treat of coffee and sweets. After our sugar coma, we visited some shops for gifts to take home.


 We hopped into the car, and I convinced Nav that we should take a slightly longer route through Waterford on our return drive to Kinsale.

 Driving along the coast, chasing the sunset the drive home.

Planning on taking a two day trip the next morning, visiting Dingle, the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren the next morning, we made it an early night.


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