Full Alaskan Breakfast

One of the best parts of our honeymoon for Navarone was the full English, or Irish breakfast he had almost every morning.

 So, I decided to whip up an Alaskan version at home this weekend.

I used Alaskan grown produce to make a one skillet breakfast.

Full breakfasts can be made into many variations with stewed tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon eggs and sausage as the staples. Baked beans made an frequent appearance too.

 Fry up the sausage and bacon, and if you fancy black or white pudding, fry that up too.

Add the tomatoe and mushroom, simply seasoned with salt and pepper.  When the meat is crispy, crack in your eggs.

  Drizzle with olive oil, and cook until your eggs are how you like them. Nav likes his yokes soft.

Serve it all with hot toast, and some sliced avocado.
 Ellie thinks it looks good.

And some 20 minute donuts, and eggnog if you’re feeling festive.

My breakfast was a bit smaller, but just a delicious.

Cue the Jack Johnson playlist and dig in! I hope everyone has a great Sunday (breakfast)!


2 thoughts on “Full Alaskan Breakfast

    1. Yes I shared a recipe for 20 minute pumpkin spice donuts a week or so back. They are addictive and so easy to make, beware!


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