Wanderlust Wednesday – All American Road Trip

Wanderlust Wednesday is a series all about places that give me a case of Wanderlust so bad, that makes me want to quit my job, and take off around the globe.

But since that isn’t going to happen anytime soon, I have asked some friends to contribute here at WanderlustFrontier.

My friend Ashlynn is generously letting me share her amazing photos from her once in a lifetime trip across America this week.

Ashlynn is a straight-up baddass Alaskan chick. Plus she is one of my sweetest friends with a huge heart. I am lucky to be her friend!

She loves to ride snow machines, water-ski, hunt, and most of all, she loves her rescued puppy Kinley.


Ashlynn just got back to Alaska after taking a road trip of a lifetime, driving from Florida to Alaska, visiting National Parks, skydiving and horseback riding.

The best part? She brought doggies with her. Cuteness overload.

Here are some of the photos of her trip. Beware, it is going to cause MAJOR wanderlust!



Thank you Ashlynn for letting me share your adventure! You can find her on instagram @ashlynnmulcare to see all of her amazing life.


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