All about Kinsale

Looking for the perfect little town to visit in Ireland?

Well, let me tell you about Kinsale, in County Cork.

I shared a little about this village in my previous post about our Honeymoon Cottage, but I think Kinsale deserves a post of it’s own.

When we weren’t road tripping to Blarney and Kilkenny or Ireland’s West Coast, you could find us enjoying Kinsale. From atop our rental on Scilly Hill, we would take these steps down to town.


Sometimes we saw a furry friend on our path. DSC01155
Down the hill and around the bend, it’s a short walk into town. If it was low tide we would peak down to see what was revealed. If it was high tide, we would watch for fish.
Kinsale is an adorable town, the streets are vibrant and colorful, locally owned shops and B&Bs, but mainly restaurants. Kinsale is known as the foodie capital of Ireland.DSC01164 Some of the restaurants we had dinner in included Kitty O Se’s, Nav had fish ‘n chips, and I had the curry. And lots of Bulmers. We also tried Cobra Tandoori for their Indian.IMG_7434 It was decent, but the wine was great.

I think the best meal we had in Kinsale was at Man Friday which was just next door from our cottage. Several people recommended it to us, so one night we decided to walk over for dinner. We didn’t have a reservation, nor were we properly dressed for such a nice place, but it didn’t seem to matter.

We started with wine, a lovely crisp Chardonnay


I had the filet mignon, and Nav enjoyed monk fish.
Navarone’s Pana Cotta with rhubarb
I still have dreams of this brownie

Believe it or not, Nav and I didn’t have a single beer in Ireland, let alone a Guinness. We were a little preoccupied with the cider. “Two Pints of Bulmers, Please”
Almost everyday, we would walk down in the afternoon for a cup of coffee and a treat to share. We often frequented the Lemon Leaf Café, for their delicious cheesecake, or a scone with homemade raspberry jam. We also tried The Old Bank House for red velvet cake, and donuts at Jane’s Café. To work off all of the calories, we opted for lots of walking, and biking.

We rented bikes from a shop in town for 25 euros a day, which included a bike chain and helmet. We cruised along the Harbor, and rode along the beginning of the Wild Atlantic Way, a route that takes you along the western coast of Ireland.On Sunday we visited Sundays for Sundaes 🙂 IMG_7189
 I loved how colorful the town was, and the locals were equally bright. We chatted with store owners while shopping for gifts to bring home. It was funny to see their reactions when we told them we were visiting from Alaska. One antique store owner thought we were 16 and 17 years old, and was shocked to learn that we were on our honeymoon. IMG_7159
 We took the bikes to Charles Fort, which I’ll share about in another post. You can walk to Charles Fort from Scilly Hill in a jiffy, and it is a gorgeous setting to take in. You can see the town on one end of the harbor, and at the other you can make out Charles Fort. Our cottage was situated right between.

I think we got lucky making Kinsale our home base in Ireland. It was a magical place for a honeymoon. We enjoyed the cottage, the establishments and the people. There was plenty to do and see, and close to other towns and attractions. We will always have fond memories here, and can’t wait to return with our family some day.


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