Charles Fort

    On our last day in Ireland, we spent the day on bikes, exploring around the shore. Boaters, kayakers, and walkers were all out enjoying the sunshine. We met a friendly pup outside The famous Bulman pub and restaurant, and together we took in the view.

Eventually we made our way out towards Charles Fort.
   Charles Fort  was built in the 17th century, in a star shape, a fortress of defense.
The Fort is mostly in ruin now, but you can see the star shape in the outer walls. The Officer’s house is still in good condition, and filled with historical information on the fort.  Here is what the officer’s equipment looked like when the fort was in use. My personal favorite fact we learned about inside the Officer’s House, was the there was a drawing/lottery for soldiers who wanted to get married. Only a handful were permitted.

The few woman who were married to the soldiers, were not allowed to live at the fort.
  I think the best part of the Fort was the view.
 Nav would argue the best part is the ruins of the barracks.
   After our tour of Charles Fort, we biked back into Kinsale, and the incoming rain storm. We sadly packed up our belongings, preparing for our trip back home. For our last night, we appropriately went down to the Greyhound Bar for a pint.
 It was a great way to end our honeymoon.

We flew back into London from Cork airport, Alaska bound.


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