Hi there! My name is Sydney, and was born and raised in Alaska.

Castle Road in southern Germany

This blog is my creative outlet to document my travels. I traveled to New York for school, and lived in Spain as an Au Pair. 

In 2014 I moved back to my hometown, North Pole, Alaska. I look forward to my next trip daily while I work at my real life job.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to see the world. I loved reading articles and looking at photos from places I longed to visit. Little by little, I am seeing each place, and sharing with you.

My biggest fans are my husband, Navarone (who you will see in most of my posts) and our puppy Ellie. 

Additionally, I like to add in the best places to eat wherever I go, and you can find food recommendations on this site as well!

Sometimes I’ll share my own kitchen creations too!  

Thanks for reading!
Based in Alaska

instagram: @wanderlustfrontier

pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/sdnmcntsh55/


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