20 minute Pumpkin Spice Donuts 

Living in Alaska is really awesome. I love living here. But there is one drawback- there isn’t a lot of choices for eating out. When I have a craving for something, I can’t go out an buy it. Case and point, Indian Food. Today’s craving was an old fashioned donut. A pumpkin donut. The donut… Continue reading 20 minute Pumpkin Spice Donuts 

“How to Dress like an Alaskan”

I saw yet another post this morning titled “How to Be Parisian”. You know the article, wear lots of black, and stripes, not too much make-up, maybe a bold red lip? Definitely no shorts, oui oui! Don’t forget the classic black flats, oh la la blah blah blah… Don’t get me wrong, French woman are… Continue reading “How to Dress like an Alaskan”

Honeymoon Cottage

I spent 5 months scouring homeaway.com for the perfect Irish cottage to rent for our time in Ireland. It had to be perfect, close to attractions, afforable, cottage feel, and have a fireplace.        I found this adorable cottage in Kinsale, a big foodie town, rich in history a short drive from Cork Airport. … Continue reading Honeymoon Cottage

The Marker Hotel, Dublin

 While planning our trip, I was able to balance out the accommodations budget between our inexpensive home rentals, and splurge stays, such as the two nights we spent at the Marker Hotel. I liked being able to have a few fancy nights in such a gorgeous hotel in Dublin, before heading out into the countryside.   Our room… Continue reading The Marker Hotel, Dublin


Ireland. The destination of Navarone’s dream honeymoon. I’m glad that the Emerald Isle was our choice. It was so perfect for our interests and lifestyle, also known as, castles, booze, and outdoors. My in-laws gifted us our tickets from Alaska to London for our wedding. Then, we included the day in Paris because I adore the city, but Ireland was the focal… Continue reading Dublin

Penrhyn Castle

On the road towards Holyhead from Bath, we were treated to sunny weather, and rolling green countryside. Wales is home to many castles, some you can see from the road. Near Bangor we decided to exit for Penrhyn Castle.   We only had maybe 30 minutes to spare, since we had to return our car and… Continue reading Penrhyn Castle


Bath- we love you so much! We were finally hitting our stride, overcoming jet lag, and had replaced the clothing that was lost with our bags. We were out of the city, and heading into the amazing countryside. We took the motorway most of the way towards Bristol, but exited towards the old roman town of Bath. We… Continue reading Bath 

Our Wedding

I haven’t shared much about our wedding, and going through some of the pictures of the gorgeous June day is making me smile. Here are some of my favorite! Photography by the fabulous Kelsey Carlson. All of our decoration were DIY, from the recycled and re-styled centerpieces, to the hand-dipped ombre blue napkins. My dad even cut… Continue reading Our Wedding

Hampton Court Palace

Almost a year ago, Nav and I were watching Netflix, “Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace” (I know- nerds!) and we both knew we wanted to visit Hampton Court Palace someday. Since we were already thinking of Ireland for our upcoming honeymoon, planning a trip just outside of London didn’t seen too big of a detour.… Continue reading Hampton Court Palace

London Town

If you read my previous post, Paris to London you’ll know we missed our Eurostar train. Luckily were had no problem getting on the next train. The only drawback was we missed out on an extra hour in London.     Nav and I stayed at The Bentley London, not far from the Earl’s Court station, close… Continue reading London Town