Wanderlust Wednesday – All American Road Trip

Wanderlust Wednesday is a series all about places that give me a case of Wanderlust so bad, that makes me want to quit my job, and take off around the globe. But since that isn’t going to happen anytime soon, I have asked some friends to contribute here at WanderlustFrontier. My friend Ashlynn is generously letting… Continue reading Wanderlust Wednesday – All American Road Trip

20 minute Pumpkin Spice Donuts 

Living in Alaska is really awesome. I love living here. But there is one drawback- there isn’t a lot of choices for eating out. When I have a craving for something, I can’t go out an buy it. Case and point, Indian Food. Today’s craving was an old fashioned donut. A pumpkin donut. The donut… Continue reading 20 minute Pumpkin Spice Donuts 

“How to Dress like an Alaskan”

I saw yet another post this morning titled “How to Be Parisian”. You know the article, wear lots of black, and stripes, not too much make-up, maybe a bold red lip? Definitely no shorts, oui oui! Don’t forget the classic black flats, oh la la blah blah blah… Don’t get me wrong, French woman are… Continue reading “How to Dress like an Alaskan”

Our Wedding

I haven’t shared much about our wedding, and going through some of the pictures of the gorgeous June day is making me smile. Here are some of my favorite! Photography by the fabulous Kelsey Carlson. All of our decoration were DIY, from the recycled and re-styled centerpieces, to the hand-dipped ombre blue napkins. My dad even cut… Continue reading Our Wedding

Thoughts on Internet

A twenty-something woman who lives in a small town in Alaska is pretty much the same as any twenty-something across the world. Especially in the 2015 where internet is accessible, and while not cheap, most young people can afford the expense. I suppose that about 20 years ago when I was born, and my parents… Continue reading Thoughts on Internet

Some updates

Hi Readers! I have been pretty absent here where I actually write blog posts, even though I have been on Instagram in the last few months. I’m loving the account because I can follow so many cool people, and see the world through their lense. Social media is definitely a double edged sword, and I… Continue reading Some updates

Snow City Cafe

For those of you who don’t know, we are in Anchorage Alaska. I woke up to an unreal sunrise over the mountains at 6:30 am.  Then I proceeded to sleep in until 10 am… Once we were up for good, we realized that we needed to eat ASAP! I knew just the place. Nav had… Continue reading Snow City Cafe

Road Trippin’

Hello Readers, I am so glad you came to see the blog today. I’m really enjoying working on it! I’m such a model… Here are some photos from last weekend at Birch Lake! It’s about an hour away from our home, and we often go in the summer to water ski.     Mommy +… Continue reading Road Trippin’

How to Pack for a Trip to Europe

What to pack for a long trip

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