All about Kinsale

Looking for the perfect little town to visit in Ireland? Well, let me tell you about Kinsale, in County Cork. I shared a little about this village in my previous post about our Honeymoon Cottage, but I think Kinsale deserves a post of it’s own. When we weren’t road tripping to Blarney and Kilkenny or Ireland’s West… Continue reading All about Kinsale

Homemade Indian 

As I’ve mentioned before, I worked as a server in an Indian restaurant in college- and I absolutely loved the food. It’s been difficult to find food that compares elsewhere. We had some pretty meek tikka masala when we were in Ireland on our honeymoon. I’ve made canned curry a few times, but it just… Continue reading Homemade Indian 

Snow City Cafe

For those of you who don’t know, we are in Anchorage Alaska. I woke up to an unreal sunrise over the mountains at 6:30 am.  Then I proceeded to sleep in until 10 am… Once we were up for good, we realized that we needed to eat ASAP! I knew just the place. Nav had… Continue reading Snow City Cafe

The Romantic Road and Schloss (Castles)

The First Castle of the day, Heidelburg, originally built in 1500, and had additions for hundreds of years. The power room used to house gun power, and it exploded, pretty neat to see the inside and the ruin. We had a german lunch outside, and I experienced schnitzel!


This is Me, and my Dog Paxson in Interior Alaska, where I was born and raised. First off- Alaska is the best place on Earth, and you should put it on your to-visit check list NOW. There are so many things you can do for free simply because you are surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Fairbanks… Continue reading Fairbanks

Thanksgiving Time

Like any other foodie, I am planning my thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, pretty easily. I do love Christmas, I grew up in North Pole, Alaska, and would be considered a traitor for not loving Christmas in a town where we are decorated for the holiday year round, and our light poles are… Continue reading Thanksgiving Time

New York City

New York City…The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, the most filmed city in the world…Growing up in Alaska, I imagined NYC as a concrete jungle of skyscrapers and fashionable wealthy people. And for the most part, it is.

New York City is EXPENSIVE, and there is tax on top of that too. Not to worry, there is plenty you can do for free and cheap, if you can figure out the Subway.

  central park central park

Central Park has always been one of my favorite places to sit back and relax. After walking around the city all day, your feet are going to hurt. My advice, buy a chocolate crossaint,  find a bench in the sunshine and enjoy people watching.

If you want to sample NYC flavors, your best bet is to take a walking tour of a neighborhood. For around 50 bucks, you can sample from tons of different cuisines. I went on a walking tour which included a history of The Village, and Washington Square Park. coffee mouth full indian food coffee company  washington-square-park-arc sand-Washington-Square-ParkWashington Square Park

Washington Square Park is one of my favorite places in NYC, because it is a mini college town area and NYU student are everywhere. There are local artists and musicians playing, and plenty of snack vendors to satisfy your sugared nut craving, because once you smell them, you’re going to want them.

Partying in NYC is expensive too, cover charges, drinks, and cab fare can be pricey and add up fast. Keep in mind that you can only have four passengers to a taxi, so if you have five friends you can’t all fit.


Book a Hotel that is within a few blocks of the things you want to do most, I have stayed at The Cosmopolitan, and DoubleTree on 5th Ave, close to the MET. Do not be surprised with extra tiny rooms, NYC is expensive and small.

passed out

Make sure your roommates have a key too, so when you get split up into two cabs, whoever get back first can get into the room before passing out.

Hotel Z ViewHotel Z

I love staying in boutique hotels! Hotel Z in Long Island City is gorgeous, it might be small, but you cannot beat the view for the price. It was glamorous and offered a great breakfast too.

boat tourStatue of Liberty

Cruises are about $50 but can be a fun night out to cruise around Manhattan

 times square photos while driving

driving in NYC view from Jersey 2 view from jersey

Driving in NYC is not for the faint of heart, you have got to be cautious and aggressive at the same time. Try going into the City via the Tappan Zee Bridge ($5 toll) vs. The George Washington Bridge ($12) and leave on the GW, which is free, and you can stop off on the palisades for an amazing view from New Jersey.

 christmas tree LOVE Tree-Rockafeller

NYC at Christmas Time is Magical! The Buildings are beautifully lit, and of course you can go see the tree! Going to see the City during the Holidays might be cold, but the gorgeous displays are a must see!

 Dinner in the Village Times Square

Toys R Us M&M Times Square

Times Square is a tourist trap, in all honesty. I would not buy anything in this area, but it is fun to look at! Giant lit up screens are a sensory overload, but fun once in awhile.