The Best of Our Honeymoon

Since I published the last post from our honeymoon, I wanted to recap our adventures. Here are my favorite, “instagram worthy” pictures from our incredible trip to France, England and Ireland. You can see all the photos under the hashtag #NavSydHoneymoon. Thank you for following on! An especially big thank you if you contributed to… Continue reading The Best of Our Honeymoon

Honeymoon in Paris

The fashion capital of the world… Not the best place to honeymoon when your bag is been lost. I had planned and planned outfits for our honeymoon and packed meticulously, especially for Paris. Most people know that shorts, are not kosher, and as luck would have it, my only clean option was shorts. And it… Continue reading Honeymoon in Paris

New Years Resolutions

In 2013 I resolved to visit 10 countries by the time I was 30. At the time I have visited the United States, well I guess I live here, so that leaves Canada and the Bahamas. In 2014 I added four new countries to my list! Germany, the UK, Spain and France. Looking forward to… Continue reading New Years Resolutions